November 3, 2011

Out of Visitor-Midterm-Mode In To The Blogosphere Again


WOW, three weeks since my last post.. That is a disgrace.. A short update:

I had a two weeks visit from my childhood friend Beate, which was awesome, and I had a lot to do in school.

We started out with the hottt days in San Diego, so we headed down to the beach. AAAHHH.. October 12th and still going to the beach, not bad huh? :D

After the beach we were hungry so we decided to try some "Superfood" which has become very popular here in San Diego. Acai berries: a lot of nutrients, 6 times as much antioxidants as blueberries and has no sugar in its natural state and a LOT of energy! It was frozen, so it pretty much tasted like sorbet ice cream, yummy!

Of course Starbucks was a natural in all of Beate's stay...

We were so lucky to be invited for pumpkin carving, which was soooo much fun :D

Step 1; get all the seeds and "food" out so the pumpkin doesn't rot!

All clean :D

Step 2: Pick a pattern

Step 3: Poke it out


Step 4: Cut the pattern with a mini-saw, special pumpkin tool :D

All of our pumpkins in daylight

SCARY at night:

Beate and Aliza made Norwegian waffles with goat cheese, yummmyyyyy!!

So delicioso ...

In the spur of the moment we decided to go to Santa Barbara with some friends to visit some Norwegians who are studying at University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). This school has the reputation to be America's biggest party college, and I think we can vouch for it!

This picture is taken from the balcony at a house in the party-street. There was a DJ and large speakers on every house in the street. The people were partying as if the lawn in front of the house was the dance floor. Pretty awesome!


When we got back there was a concert at the Winelover which was perfect so I could show Beate Hillcrest.

We went for some Tapas in Pacific Beach at Costa Brava, which was delicious!

The waiter was very fond of the "bird-perspective"..

Beate met a celebrity ! :D IT made her stay!

We just made it home from Santa Barbara to Tuesday night dinner with Karen's fierce margaritas!

Socializing at the family dinner table...

After my mid-term we headed down for Los Angeles!First stop, celebrity hot-spot The Grove.. But, I guess we used our quota!

We stopped by Barnes and Noble where Jon Arne found a book he recommended to us!!

All under "Local Interest".. haha!!

We stopped by Rodeo Drive only to be met by this bad boy:

Rodeo Drive...

90210, a MUST!

At night it was time for the Hollywood Bowl with a total of 18 Norwegians supporting Røyksopp and Robyn in Los Angeles!

It was a great concert! We all got a little bit patriotic!

We weren't too cocky when we found out that the Americans in the row behind us knew more about "Råyksåpp" and "Annely Drrreckerrr" than us.. We still had fun though!

The next day we headed down for Venice Beach and Santa Monica, but the marine layer caught up with us.. So we decided to hang out at the skate park and boardwalk instead of the beach.

Beate got some new glasses to wear next Oktoberfest !

Back in San Diego we decided to check out the new iPhone..

Then... decided NOT to when we saw the line of people...

All in all, a wonderful two weeks packed with excitement and wonderful friendship :*

Stay tuned for the post about this weekend's Halloween party :D


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